Launching UDRP cases is not without risk to the complainants - some aggrieved domain name owners resort to seeking damages through the court system.

Court orders Lotto Sport Italia to pay approximately $237,000 in attorneys’ fees stemming from a reverse domain name hijacking case.

February 2017:

Lotto Sport Italia, the soccer apparel company, filed a cybersquatting dispute under UDRP against David Dent of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for the domain names and
WIPO Case No. D2016-2532
Sole WIPO panelist Gabriela Kennedy orders that the Disputed Domain Names and be transferred from David Dent to the Complainant (Lotto Sport Italia).   

March 2017:

David Dent files a lawsuit to block the transfer of and which WIPO recently ordered to be transferred to soccer apparel company Lotto Sport Italia in a UDRP.

 March 2020:

 The court granted Dent’s motion for summary judgment and ruled that Lotto Sport was attempting Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.
David Dent asks the court to award him attorneys’ fees of $243,991.50.

 January 2021:

 U.S. Magistrate Judge Deborah M. Fine orders sports apparel company Lotto Sport Italia to pay $236,752.50 in attorneys’ fees stemming from a reverse domain name hijacking case.

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